Shiny Metallic Angelic Wing Worship Flags (Single – 1 Flag) – WXLQ-Quill – Flexible Flow Rod




Worship Flags Design

Shiny Metallic Angelic Wing

This range of flag is is as light as organza organza. However it is faster and stronger. The flag easily stays afloat effortlessly with very little drag. The reflective metallic like texture make the worshiper highly visible.

This range of flag is designed to express the various color of worship represented by colors that originates from God. Each color carries a specific meaning and they can be good or bad.

In God there is nothing bad. For God is GOOD.

Feature : Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced
Visual Description: Vivid, Dazzling, Bold, Mirror-like
Weight: Very light
Flow characteristic: Fast
Sound: Low
Set: Single (1 flag) or Pair (2 flags)
Light Weight (57grams) – SIZE WXL-QUILL (57″x42″) Wing Flag

Specially designed with flexible flow rod and tiny weight to keep the light organza flag stay in the air longer.
New color will be soon added.
XL size Suitable for Advanced Worshiper
Light and effortless use
Light enough for complete freedom of expression
Less than 300 grams including pole.
Easily wrapped up to 15″ and conceal in backpack or hand carry bags

Maintenance free
Long lasting and durable

Worship Flags Standard Lead-time 
2-4 weeks when stock is not available.

Each flag is built with a Flexible Flow Rod

Available in these Colors

Copper , Turquoise , Light Blu – 4 week Lead-time when out of stock

Gold , 24k Gold , Silver – 1 week lead-time when out of sock

Worship Flags Color and Meanings

GOLD Kingship, kingdom glory, God or gods. See Colors (Yellow). The riches of the glory of God; enduring capacity of the believer as overcomer; unchanging holiness; wisdom; glory; righteousness; glorifying self when used as adornment or as idol worship. (Lam. 4: 2; Ps. 19: 10, 119: 72; Rev. 3: 18, 21: 18. 21; 1 Cor. 3: 12; Ex. 20: 23; Is. 40: 19; Job 22: 25)

SILVER Understanding; knowledge; purity; cleanliness; redemption; idolatry; Words of God; promises of God; worldly knowledge; cleansed and ready for use; very precious to God; used as betrayal; furnace of adversity. (Proverbs 2: 3-4; Ex. 26: 19; Gen. 37: 28; Judges 17: 4; 1 Kings 7: 51; Ez. 7: 19-20; Matt. 26: 15; Is. 1: 22; Acts 19: 24; 1 Cor. 3: 12; Job 28: 1; Ps. 12: 6)

GREEN Prosperity, growth, life. Life; can be good or evil life; life of the flesh;. provision; rest and peace. (1 Peter 1: 24; Gen. 1: 30; 9: 3; Ps. 23: 2)

BLUE Symbol of Heaven. The Holy Spirit; heaven; heavenly visitation. (Numbers 15: 38; Ex. 28; Num. 4)


 Gold , 24k Gold , Silver – 1 week lead-time when out of sock

Metallic Blue


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Gold, Gold 24k, Turquoise, Blue, Copper, Silver


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