Crushed Metallic Worship Flags (Single – 1 Flag)




Crushed Metallic Worship Flags

Feature : Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced
Visual Description: Vivid, Dazzling, Bold, Mirror-like
Weight: Very light
Flow characteristic: Fast
Sound: Low

Light and effortless use
Light enough for complete freedom of expression
Less than 300 grams including pole.Light Weight (57grams) –

SIZE XL-QUILL (57″x43″) – With Flexible Flow Rod

SIZE XL-SIZE (57″x43″) – With Telescopic Pole

  • Easily wrapped up to 15″ and conceal in backpack or hand carry bags

Maintenance free
Long lasting and durable

Worship Flags Standard Lead-time 
LIMITED STOCK – First come first Serv


Royalty, wealth, prosperity. Kingly; wealth; prince; authority; political power and wealth in the sense of dishonesty and wickedness (Babylon); royalty; majesty power in wealth and royalty; expensive to buy.

(Dan. 7: 5, 16, 29; Judges 8: 26; John 19: 2, 5; Rev. 17: 4; 18: 16; Acts 16: 14; Prov. 6: 27; Acts 2: 3; Zech. 5: 2; Is. 6: 5-7; Luke 12: 49-53; Song 8: 6; Heb. 12: 29; Heb


Symbol of Heaven. The Holy Spirit; heaven; heavenly visitation.

(Numbers 15: 38; Ex. 28; Num. 4)

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Purple, Blue


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